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Whiskey & Kicks is the #1 destination for premium content on your favorite spirits. Especially Whiskey! Learn about the blood, sweat and tears sacrificed by your favorite bartenders just to be able to hand you your favorite cocktail! Watch how these amazing spirits are distilled. About the history behind many cocktails and find out about the best establishments to visit and get the best in craft cocktails! Most of all, learn about the people! There are so many incredible stories to tell and we aim to accomplish that here at Whiskey & Kicks!

Join Brocky as he navigates through the Alcoholic Beverage Industry and speaks to the best bartenders, distillers, and bar owners in the culture. You'll hear about their origins, what they love and hate about being a bartender. And what they think of patrons with the most ridiculous orders (That may be you).

Why Kicks? Well, because of the fact that everyone has a shoe story and you better believe, we're going to talk about them! You don't have to be into couture or big into sneaker culture to be able to relate to this. Everyone has a reason why they put whatever it is, on their feet in the morning and we are here to talk about it.

Cheers! Enjoy these episodes from Whiskey & Kicks as Brocky visits amazing establishments like Chaplin's and Jack Rose and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Thanks for visiting!

The Old Fashioned Riffs Project

Whiskey & Kicks is featuring the best of the best bartenders in the DMV for this Old Fashioned Cocktail Riffs Project. Don't miss out!

Whiskey & Kicks Episodes

Watch Brocky get out and speak with the most incredible bartenders and others in the service industry. This is the foundation of Whiskey & Kicks.

Sippin With Brocky

Watch Brocky sit down with his friends, peers and supporters and sip something delicious while we talk shop about whatever comes up. An edgy, unscripted segment that tends to be a crowd favorite.


Brocky and his homie Joe get together and break down some dope sneakers, sip some amazing booze and talk about a plethora of other topics.

Brocky Makes Cocktails

Self explanatory! Want to learn how to craft amazing cocktails but you aren't a bartender? Neither am I! Tune in to see how!


We get together occasionally and toast to life, booze and sneakers. Check out some clips!

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